Works in ANY Market

This may VERY WELL be the last Trading System and Indicator Set you’ll ever need!

mt4 and tradestation

Works with Metatrader (MT4) and TradeStation 9 and it can work on:

  • Forex – Binary Options – Futures – Stocks – Commodities
  • ANY Time Frame (including Range Charts)
  • ANY Market Condition: Trending or Sideways/Choppy

Instead of describing the indicators to you, we’ll show you how powerful they are right now:



Who Is It For?

Black Diamond Trader can be used by ANYONE and is extremely versatile.

It can be used by scalpers, day traders, swing traders, and position traders.

Virtually any financial instrument can be traded including: Forex, Futures, Commodities, Stocks, E-Minis, Metals, Any Market.

It can work in bull markets, bear markets, sideways markets / choppy markets.

Clear-As-Day Entry Signals

At the beginning of a trend, a large dot will appear on the chart (blue for bullish/up and red for bearish/down).
These signify the start of a possible significant move, as can easily be seen on the charts below.

During the move, the indicators will show EXACT optimal trade entry positions with an “LE” (for long-entry)
or “SE” (for short-entry).

Three Amazing Indicators To Validate The Trade

Of course there are many factors in play which will affect the markets. That’s why Black Diamond Trader includes three filters which help you validate whether a signal should be acted upon or not. These filters are the Trend Direction Indicator,  Trend Strength Indicator, and Market Sentiment Indicator.

It doesn’t take rocket science to be able to make sense of what these indicators are telling you. If all three of them are green, you know that you are looking to place a long trade. If all three of them are red, you know that you are looking to place a short trade.

Here’s A Small List of “Secrets” You Will Learn With Black Diamond Trader:

  • Know what the overall market sentiment and current trend may be before placing a trade.
  • Know how to take advantage of pullbacks within that trend with incredible accuracy.
  • Know when the trend is potentially weakening and find targets to get out of the market at the peak or at a trailing stop.
  • Take high probability trades based on the powerful, yet extremely easy-to-use, indicators that are included with Black Diamond Trader.
  • See potential weakness in a trend before it happens.
  • Protect your profits with trailing stops based on support and resistance levels that are amazing accurate.


The Black Diamond Trader Indicators are great. They visually show you great entry and exit spots on the trading chart however after using the indicators for a while, you might like them so much that you wish there was a way to automatically have certain trades placed for you instead of having to watch your screen for hours in fear of missing a trade or waiting to exit. That’s where the Automator comes in…

The Automator can automatically execute trades for you based on the Black Diamond Trader indicators, or simply ALERT you to your pre-defined entry/exit conditions in order for the trade to be taken manually.  ALERTS can be sent by Chart, Email, or Text Message (requires proper configuration of Metatrader or TradeStation).  Adjust the input parameters to your liking or trading style, then let it take care of the sometimes tedious process of watching the charts and deciding when to place trades.

Here’s an Example: You see a potentially profitable trading setup. Before entering the trade you determine where your entry and exits should be so you adjust the Black Diamond Trader Automator/EA parameters accordingly and let the computer take that next trade for you in full automation. Although it can be optimized the Automator is not meant to be a “set and forget” trading ‘robot’ but rather to assist in remaining disciplined before and during a trade eliminating the need for the patience it requires to wait to enter and for a trade to play out, especially on larger time-frames.  This gives YOU control.

Includes Stealth Mode:
The Automator can be set to not send stop loss/take profit values to the trade server in order to keep your exit points hidden from the broker!

There is so much value in the Automator that we had plans to sell it separately from the Black Diamond Trader indicators, but decided to include it as a FREE BONUS to really send the Black Diamond Trader system over the top! Customers who purchase the indicator set right now have the opportunity to get the Automator as well for no extra charge! Yes, it is yours for FREE if you act now.


Black Diamond Trader is not only a set of trading indicators but an entire trading system and we show you exactly how it works!

The course includes a manual as well as tutorial videos.

Check out all it has:

  • Video tutorial about how to use the Black Diamond Trader indicators
  • Video tutorial covering usage of the Black Diamond Trader Automator
  • Video tutorial teaching advanced usage of the Black Diamond Trader
  • Learn some basic concepts behind futures and forex trading.
  • Discover Trader Psychology and why mastering it is pivotal in becoming a successful trader, even when using a system.
  • Learn the ins and outs of  trading and how you should treat it like a business to make profit.

Don’t have a Trading Platform?  No Problem!

Black Diamond Trader is compatible with both the TradeStation 9 and Metatrader (MT4) trading platforms.  If you don’t have either of these it’s no problem.. we’ll connect you with an introducing brokerage firm that can get you all setup with Metatrader and more. This quality service is included at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

While you can use Black Diamond Trader with ANY broker that uses Metatrader (MT4), to get the most out of BDT and your broker, we’ll connect you with a CFTC registered, NFA member introducing brokerage firm that has agreed to provide Black Diamond Trader subscribers with PERSONAL ASSISTANCE in helping you choose the right broker for your personal trading style and concerns regarding security of funds.  And on top of that, they will offer you CASH BACK Rebates and/or negotiated lower spreads on all Forex trades!  All of this quality service is included at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

Your job is to focus on trading with BDT… the Introducing Brokerage Firm will handle the rest…

Here are a few of the services you can expect:

1)      Broker selection – help in choosing the right broker for your trading style, taking into account pricing model, execution model, platform, technology, and security of funds.  Even if you already have an account with one of the brokers they work with they can STILL benefit you…

2)      Cost reduction – help in reducing costs of trading through the cash back rebate programs and/or negotiated lower spreads.  They do NOT mark up your spreads or commissions!

3)      Brokerage  Support – assistance in all aspects of your brokerage account… from opening, deposit, trading, technology or platform  questions and issues – including installation and running of Black Diamond Trader, advocacy in the event of a bad fill or bad experience and withdrawal. 

4)      General Industry and Information Support – questions answered about the industry, about trading and about how you can better position yourself for SUCCESS!

(Note: Indicators do NOT “Repaint” and BUY/SELL dots Plot when the bar Opens!)

Binary Options
















Over the past few years Binary Options trading has become a very popular form of trading due to it’s incredibly simple concept. When you place a trade you can BUY Long or SELL short based on whether you think the market you’re trading will go UP or DOWN in a fixed amount of time.

For Example.. it’s 9:00 am and you’re trading the EUR/USD on a 15 minute Binary Option using $10 with an 80% payout. You believe that by 9:15 am (15 minutes later) the EUR/USD will be higher than where it is when you place the trade so you BUY Long. If by 9:15 am it is in fact higher, then you WIN your $10 back PLUS the 80% payout which would be $8 . If you win or lose it doesn’t matter how high or low the market goes.. only whether the trade closed in the direction you’re betting. It’s that simple!

Well it gets even better than that.. we’ve adapted the Black Diamond Trader to be able to generate Binary Option Signals based on the SAME powerful trading setups generated by the Black Diamond Indicators! We also include special instructions specific to using Black Diamond Trader for Binary Options Trading!  NOTE that the automator does not automatically trade Binary Options however the signals and alerts generated by the Automator according to your settings can be followed manually.

The bottom line is if you’ve tried other Binary Options Systems KNOW that Black Diamond Trader is one of the ONLY trading systems that can actually make you money trading Binary Options! We’ll even show you a couple of reputable brokers that Black Diamond Trader can work well with. In addition, we suggest settings for the EUR/USD and GBP/USD on 15 minute binary options but you are free to trade any binary option you choose with the Black Diamond Trader!

Binary Options Example…



then only $67 per month starting next month
(No Up-sells, Nothing else to buy)
You can cancel at any time


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